Mental Health Case Management is the coordination of a variety of community services, monitoring the services, and advocating for individuals suffering from ongoing mental health issues (consumers).  Case Management also can provide support for the families and friends of these people.

At Calexar, it is our mission to assist consumers and their families effectively and efficiently to achieve the most independent and fulfilling lives possible within their communities.  Case Managers provide assistance in identifying consumers’ needs, goals, strengths/abilities, and preferences in their treatment and recovery.  We take care to include our consumers’ families, friends, and community in the process.

Case Management is divided into several sub-categories.  The difference between these categories is largely the degree of support.   Intensive Case Managers see fewer consumers more frequently than Resource Coordinators, while Blended Case Managers provide a hybrid level of case management.

Mental Health Case Management:

  • Intensive Case Management
  • Blended Case Management
  • Administrative Case Management
  • Resource Coordination